The Roopler Testimonials

What Roopler’s Partner Agents Are Saying

Other lead-generation systems were designed to find and sell leads. Roopler has successfully helped leading agents throughout the United States close more deals. 

“The Roopler Seller leads have been very successful for us so far.  In less than 30 days we have received 11 leads and have signed 2 Listing Agreements and 3 others who are being nurtured to sell in the next 90 days. So far we are happy with the ROI here.”

Charity McQuistion

Director of Operations, The Perna Team

“Our very first Roopler seller lead…UNDER CONTRACT!!! Obviously, that isn’t how most will work out; however, judging by the quality of each lead received and Roopler’s knowledge of “everything” lead generation and conversation (especially my man Bill Sperry)…I’m confident this will be the BEST seller lead generation platform the industry has ever seen. As long as you are an agent, team, or brokerage willing to put in the work.”

Eric Pearson

CEO, Pearson Smith Realty, Pearson Smith Realty

“I just signed up and received 4 potential clients wanting to sell their property in less than three weeks. I already had one market analysis with a client face-to-face and have two more scheduled to see next week.

The really nice feature of Roopler’s Seller Appointments is that the platform gives you a lot of information before you talk to the client. For example, you’re provided detailed notes as to the timeline of when the person wants to sell their property.

You also know the approximate dollar amount the seller feels they will sell the property for. You’ll know if they’re living in the property. You will also have a customer ranking on the property’s condition on a scale of 1 to 10 by the seller.

You’ll know what home improvements they’ve made, such as new paint, flooring, windows, or a new roof. You also will get information on how many bedrooms and bathrooms etc. So, when you call to schedule the appointment, you have a lot of information and talking points to go over with a potential client. It really provides a lot of credibility.

In my opinion, it’s one of the best seller appointment programs available in the industry!”

Terry Grayson

Agent, Team Leader, Grayson Group, Compass Realty

I am a broker with a full team of my own.  I switched my team to Chime for our CRM, and Roopler AI as a lead source. We have been very happy with both!  The customer service from Roopler has been outstanding.  They have seamlessly integrated my online lead flow into my Chime CRM.  The follow-up and true caring about our team are truly top-notch! I would strongly recommend both services.  I have previously worked with Bill Sperry in other endeavors, and he has always supported all my needs and exceeded all expectations!”

John Labick

Associate Broker | Team Leader, Premier Real Estate Partners at ReMax Gateway

“On my second day into Roopler, I was writing an offer for a lead–that has never happened to any lead source I’ve signed up for, EVER! It’s unbelievable how good the leads are, or maybe it’s the AI, Ashley. She is a beast at getting people to interact, and that’s all I’m asking for. Once we have the person on the hook, it’s up to my database manager or me to set up that appointment. Most of the leads we are speaking to are NOT working with an Agent. So, don’t think too hard about joining. Give Roopler the thumbs up. I ended up getting into a market almost an hour away from me as most of my area is taken, and I’m not regretting it one bit! A+ On-boarding, A+ Customer Service, A+ Lead–you can’t ask for anything more.”

Giovanni Santa Ana

Associate Broker | Licensed Real Estate Instructor | MRP

“I am loving Roopler. I lead a small team out of Bentonville, Arkansas, and we tried Roopler as a way to diversify our lead sources away from the portals. Out of all of the lead sources that I have used, Roopler has the best customer service, hands down. Onboarding was very easy, and customer service is exceptional. The AI is very intuitive, and I have been impressed at how many responses we get from the AI. So far, we have closed 4 Roopler leads totaling $1.1M in sales and $33,820 in commission for our team. We are nurturing several good Roopler leads in our pipeline that I know will lead to closings. We use it in conjunction with Follow up Boss, and it works seamlessly.”

The Ruby Poole Team

Collier & Associates Bentonville Branch Keller Williams

“I have worked with multiple organizations in the lead generation space over my career, from major portal leads to individual organizations. I find with Roopler the things I need to grow my business. Amazing customer service, the exclusivity of the product, consistent advancements, listening to my feedback, and most importantly, delivering my team a high-quality lead ( with the support of their AI, Ashley), that allows my business to scale with the volume leads I need. I would highly recommend their service to anyone looking to get out of the current rat race that is lead generation today. “

Mike Hogan

The Hogan Group

“I wanted to check in with you and let you know how things are going since we implemented Roopler just a couple of months ago. I want to first let you know that we are very happy we decided to switch to Roopler from Zillow. My Team loves the lead source! After only a few weeks of receiving the leads, my Advisors began showing leads houses and writing offers.

In a very short time, Roopler has become a valuable part of our business and we are incredibly excited to see what the coming weeks/months bring! We remain very grateful that we connected with you and your Team – a top-notch team of professionals!”

Chris Zinn

Founder, Team Leader, Chris Zinn Group, Engel & Völkers

“I wanted to let you know that we just listed a home and we are helping to find them a new one! I have to be honest with you. When you called me and shared with me your new lead program I really didn’t want more leads in this seller’s market. But, I took a leap of faith and signed up. Guess what buyers are sellers too!

Almost all but, not 100% of the leads have a good email and phone number. The best part is the price point they are looking for. Many of the prospects are looking to buy a home over a million dollars or more! In less than 60 days we are having success!  A big shout out to Roopler and to you for calling me. Thanks a million, literally a million dollar listing.
Donald L. Mowery II

Associate Broker, The Mowery Group

We love having Roopler as our main lead partner! Roopler consistently brings us buyers who are ready to look at homes and buy! A few of our favorite things about the platform: Market Exclusivity, Consistently of lead flow, and the city focused offering, instead of ZIP Code.

Brad & Courtney Korb

Broker-Owner, Brad Korb Real Estate Group

“Being ranked as the #1 Team in California for Most Homes Sold in 2020, we have had an opportunity to onboard all aspects of real estate lead generation services. We made the jump to Roopler because we found the lead world is always changing, and we were looking for an alternative to support the future growth of our organization. We had the opportunity to get onboard with Roopler early and lockdown markets that are very important to us. We have had a great experience with Roopler in both lead volume and quality, and we are very happy with the service and support that we have been getting from them.

Suneet Agarwal

CEO, Best Sac Homes Group at Big Block Realty North

“Our experience with Roopler has been great! This is the first lead generation platform where quality stacks up against that of portal leads. The exclusivity, AI, and ability to geographically direct our leads at a high level…combined with Roopler exceeding our lead quantity expectations have us excited for the future of our agent lead generation platforms.

Eric Pearson

CEO, Pearson Smith Realty, Pearson Smith Realty

“I have been utilizing Roopler for the last 4 months, and I am not only getting a great volume of leads, but we’re also currently working with multiple leads—and converting them! I have been working with portal leads for over a decade now, and I can truly say that the leads and service from Roopler are above par compared to anything I’ve experienced. It’s a great opportunity to get in on something at the ground level and grow with an amazing organization.”

Michael LaRocque

Broker-Owner, LaRocque & Co., Realtors

“I am a licensed Real Estate Broker who has worked in the S Palm Beach area for 19+ years. As a member of Coldwell Banker’s Florida Top 100 Agents and in the top 1% of all Coldwell Banker agents nationwide, I have worked with every type of lead and organization. With the way the Real Estate lead world is changing AND directly working against us, I have made the smart choice to move forward with Roopler. Thus far, my experience with Roopler far outpaces my experience with portals and lead-gen platforms.  My team is able to work more efficiently with the AI.  The engagement of the leads is better and so is conversion with the support of their AI System. I would strongly recommend getting on board with Roopler before this opportunity is gone in your market.  All aboard….this train is moving, get on before it’s too late!

Lynne Gewant

Broker Associate, Team Leader, Coldwell Banker Realty Delray Beach

“I am a team leader in the South New Jersey market outside of Philadelphia, PA.  I have 10 agents on my team. We closed 169 deals last year over $41 million in sales volume in 2021.  I have been purchasing online leads from many different companies over the last 8 years. The biggest challenge for most real estate agents is to reach back out to an online lead in a timely manner. This is one of the most important factors to be successful with an online marketing program. If the potential client is not contacted within 5-10 minutes, it is highly unlikely you will be able to work as that person’s real estate agent. This is the main reason why Roopler leads are different from the rest of the companies. The AI (artificial intelligence) program of having a virtual assistant (Ashley) communicate with your potential buyers and sellers instantaneously is the main difference-maker. Even if the lead was to come in at 2 AM, Ashley responds that she is working the night shift. In the morning, myself or my team members can then make contact with the potential clients. We then start scheduling appointments to go see properties for sale. The quality of the leads from Roopler are not just “tire kickers.” I feel any agent, team lead, or broker who wants to participate in a high-quality, affordable, online marketing program should invest in the state-of-the-art technology this online marketing company delivers to its clients like Roopler.

Terry Grayson

Agent, Team Leader, Grayson Group, Compass Realty

As a broker and early adopter of online lead generation, I understand its pain points and pros and cons. I built my brokerage by leveraging online lead strategies. I have also trained countless real estate agents across the country to leverage online leads.  

Recently, the real estate industry has shifted. In the early 2000s, agents could easily acquire quality leads without breaking the bank. In recent years, the well has dried up. That’s why I started to search for an alternative, which eventually led me to Roopler.  

When I was first shown (Roopler) the AI-driven lead system, I was skeptical. Still, I agreed to give this new product a test run. By the end of the first day, I was convinced that the product had the potential to bring the industry to its next level. The number of responses and quality of the engagements I experienced on Roopler’s platform was staggering. 

As a broker, I understand the world of lead generation from a customer’s standpoint. I know what agents need to be successful. The product is designed to consistently deliver quality leads to agents and, more importantly, keep nurturing these leads over time. I highly recommend it!

Kevin Markarian

Broker, Marker Real Estate