Portfolio Lead Appointment System

Maximize your portfolio’s potential with our lead appointment system. Streamline the process and grow your business today.

Revive Your Portfolio

Roopler ISA take on the old leads of Top Brokers, Teams & Agents and creates appointments to resurrect them. This will make you your own Professional ISA/Concierge Service at rock-bottom prices with no hidden fees. I’m sending you more details on why we are doing this.

Increased Conversion Rates

Existing leads exhibit a higher propensity to convert into customers in comparison to prospective leads due to their prior engagement with your business. Proactively re-engaging with your existing leads by reminding them of your service’s value proposition offers a prime opportunity to potentially elicit a conversion decision, ultimately resulting in a heightened conversion rate.

Cost-Effective ISA Appointment Setting

Generating new leads is often a costly endeavor that demands significant resources and effort. Alternatively, leveraging the expertise of Rooplers ISA team to follow up with existing leads presents a cost-effective solution as you already possess their contact details and an understanding of their interests. By re-engaging with former leads, Roopler can effectively optimize your marketing budget and make the most of the leads you have already acquired.

Improved Customer Retention
Customer retention can be facilitated by re-engaging with previous leads, as it offers the opportunity to sustain a relationship with those who may still express an interest in your services, despite not converting initially. By maintaining communication with prior leads, businesses can foster a connection with them, thereby increasing the likelihood that they will remember your brand and turn to your services in the future.
Competative Market Advantage

Sustained follow-up with existing leads can furnish businesses with a distinct competitive advantage. While several Real Estate Companies emphasize generating fresh leads, they may fail to recognize the potential of re-engaging with past leads. By proactively engaging with previous leads, businesses can gain an edge over their competitors and heighten their prospects of converting these leads into paying customers.

Transparent Pricing Structure
Roopler offers a Transparent Pricing Structure for its service of calling on old leads, which is a critical aspect of lead generation and can augment sales and revenue cost-effectively. Through re-engaging with prior leads, Roopler aims to revive the prospects’ appreciation of your service, foster lasting relationships, and attain valuable feedback. It is prudent to act upon this opportunity by entrusting Roopler to make those calls and set appointments on your behalf. Additionally, Roopler’s No Contract, Subscription Fees, Cancellation Fees, or Set-Up Fees policy, coupled with a modest $100 charge per appointment, presents a clear, uncomplicated, and attractive pricing model. In essence, you bear no cost if Roopler fails to procure an appointment, making it a compelling proposition for businesses seeking an effortless and cost-effective approach.
Optimize Business Operations
Roopler’s service optimizes business operations by freeing up valuable time and resources, as the ISA team handles follow-up calls and appointment scheduling, allowing businesses to prioritize other crucial aspects. Along with promoting increased conversion rates, cost-effective solutions, competitive market advantage, and improved customer retention, Roopler’s service also streamlines business processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity.


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